• Multiple Layers: One of the most powerful features of Gameshow is their revolutionary scene building system. Using Gameshow’s 3 master layers, you have complete control over the scene building process, allowing you to exponentially increase the number of scenes you can build.
  • Playlists Shots: Use Gameshow’s built in, full-scene playlisting to help automate your broadcasts. You can easily drag scenes on top of each other to create playlists with custom timing and transitions.
  • Low CPU Usage: Based on most recent testing, Gameshow now performs at a higher level than the other streaming apps on the market. The CPU usage is down, allowing you to devote more computer resources to gaming!
  • Streamlabs Widgets: For all you streamers out there, Gameshow now have Streamlabs built into Gameshow! Customize your alerts, chat box, donation goals and more from within the Gameshow UI.
  • OBS Scene Converter: Used OBS in the past? Don’t want to take the time to transfer your scenes over? Now you can import your OBS Scenes directly into your Gameshow projects without having to remake everything!
  • Audio Mixer Window: Control and tweak all of your audio sources in one window. You can also add noise reduction and EQ settings to individual sources to dial your audio in perfectly.

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GAMESHOW is a Easy yet powerful game streaming software. It take’s your streams to the next level, you can start streaming in seconds by just picking a template, add widgets, and start streaming.

You can also build your unique brand by adding your logos, customize your look and make it yours. It is optimized to be the most efficient, high quality game streaming solution, you can also stream like a pro with Pro broadcast features that’s not found in other game streaming software to Twitch, YouTube, Hitbox and record in HD.